If You are a CEO, Reading this Will Make You Feel Proud, Angry or Guilty; If You Aren’t a CEO, Reading this Will Only Frustrate You (600 words)

By Marc Hardy, Ph.D. For over 30 years I have been a professional speaker and trainer and I have learned a very important lesson: true, positive, permanent change can only start at the top with the CEO. Middle managers and front line employees are not going to be able to affect change or sustain it[…]

The Power of Believing in Others More than They Believe in Themselves

By Marc Hardy, Ph.D. There are three obstacles that we human’s put in our way to fulfillment and success. First, we do not recognize or understand our talents and gifts. Second, even if we do, we discount them because they come easy to us and we do not value them. Third, we are far more[…]

Bully Bosses are Bad for the Bottom Line

December, 2017 By Dr. Marc and Marcia Hardy Most of us have been subjected to bully bosses and have horror stories to tell. Bully bosses are not the kinds of tough bosses that bring out the best in us. They do the opposite. They demean, mock, yell, denigrate, harass, ignore, marginalize and destroy trust, innovation,[…]