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Leadership Through Sharing Fire®

This program would be appropriate for
corporate groups, events, and organizations.

Dr. Marc Hardy shares his revolutionary concept of Sharing Fire® as an approach to leadership. He explains how “Sharing Fire®” works to abolish “Beatership®,” the bad behavior of bullying bosses, and replaces it with “Teachership®,” which is the act of giving others what they need to develop professionally and personally.


Sharing Fire® In Your Life

This program would be appropriate for luncheons, community foundations, social groups, and recreational events.

Dr. Marc Hardy shares personal stories and inspiration to convey that if something is important enough to us, we have the ability to astound with the world with our ability to overcome major obstacles and challenges.

What People Are Saying About Sharing Fire®

Sharing Fire®: The key to encouraging creativity, finding meaning in life and becoming a powerful person of positive influence on others and the world.