Programs and Benefits

Leadership through Sharing Fire:
Banishing Beatership and Fostering Feedership

Sharing Fire in Your Organization:
How to Create a Productive, Profitable and Creative Workplace that Makes People want to Come to Work

Sharing Fire in Your Life: How to Become the Person that You Want to be and that Others in Your Life Want to be Around

 Benefits of “Sharing Fire” 

The Sharing Fire Program will Help Organizations:

• Develop rock-solid employee loyalty
• Attract talented people who seek out your company
• Inspire employees to look forward to Monday instead of Friday
• Create a culture of personal commitment to the organization’s mission
• Develop employees who don’t need to be managed because they are self-motivated and practically manage themselves.
• Drastically decrease absenteeism.
•Grow the number of employees who tell powerful positive public stories about the organization and Its leadership
• Increase sales, attract top talent, and retain top talent.
• Encourage innovation, creativity
• Increase employee morale and productivity.
• Build and deepen customer relations
• Create customers that tell positive stories about the organization

 The Sharing Fire Program In Your Personal Life Will:

  • Make you the most powerful person in the room
  • Create stronger, life-long relationships
  • Repay the debt you owe to those who inspired you
  • Set an example for your family, friends and colleagues
  • Help others build better lives so that they can build a better world
  • Bring personal rewards and recognition from others you have encouraged
  • Give you a sense of fulfillment unlike any other you have ever experienced
  • Enhance your confidence by focusing on the strengthening of others



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