If we live long enough, someone eventually shares with us about an action we took or something we said that profoundly changed his or her life. The kicker is that we often do not remember the action or the conversation, and sometimes not even the person! All of us have a story about someone who influenced them in a significant way. This integration can have positive or negative implications, causing a “ripple effect” that touches many other lives. Being conscious of this unrealized power and using it to encourage others is an act of philanthropy that drastically affects people’s lives and helps them create a better, more hopeful future. The giver gains a deep respect from his or her employees, peers, family, and friends. This is a power we all possess that takes little time, effort and absolutely no money, but it is the most powerful form of giving in the world. It fills the greatest human need of all—the need to be appreciated, recognized, and encouraged. Most importantly, the ripple effect we cause using our “Personal Engagement Philanthropy” comes back to us in the experience of “Ahwowaw!” Marc Hardy will share heartwarming and hilarious stories about people sharing the fire of encouragement and engagement to create a fulfilled life, a positive workplace, and a better world.