Meeting Planners

Dear Meeting Planner,

Just like you, I also hire speakers for the Nonprofit Executive Program at the University of Notre Dame. Unlike many speakers, I truly understand your challenges, your expectations and your responsiblity to your attendees to hire a speaker who will be worth the investment of the time the audience has taken out of their busy lives to attend your event. Personally, I like to work with speakers more than once if they deliver what I need from them. If they don’t, I don’t hire them again, it’s that simple. My goal is to develop a trusting professional relationship between you and me that continues for years to come. Here is what I expect from speakers, and what you can expect from me:

A speaker should:

1. Do research on the audience to make sure the program is the right fit.
2. Be easy to work with during the planning stages.
3. Look like his or her picture on presentation day.
4. Have professional credentials.
5. Be humourous, enteratining and educational.
6. Be low maintenance at the event: handle the room setup, microphones, projectors etc.
7. Deliver the program that was promised.
8. Engage with your participants at lunch, dinner and receptions if asked.
9. Work with you to keep travel and lodging expenses reasonable.
10. Present a program that gets rave reviews on the evaluations!

My gaurantee to you is that I will be all of the above and am dedicated to making your job a lot easier!

If this is the kind of speaker you want to work with, then let’s talk. I look forward to working with you to light up your next meeting!

Take care, and keep sharing your fire with others!

Dr. Marc Hardy, PhD

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