Bully Bosses are Bad for the Bottom Line

December, 2017 By Dr. Marc and Marcia Hardy Most of us have been subjected to bully bosses and have horror stories to tell. Bully bosses are not the kinds of tough bosses that bring out the best in us. They do the opposite. They demean, mock, yell, denigrate, harass, ignore, marginalize and destroy trust, innovation,[…]

5 Reasons Why It’s Harder to Lead a Nonprofit than a For-Profit

  By Marc Hardy, PhD www.SharingFire.com Business leaders role their eyeballs at me when I say that if someone can run a successful nonprofit then they can run a successful for-profit – but the opposite is not true. That’s a pretty audacious statement, but hear me out. The fact is that a top nonprofit leader[…]

Want Disengaged and Unproductive Employees? Become a “Scrooge”

By Dr. Marc and Marcia Hardy www.SharingFire.com Although it takes more than just a significant paycheck and pay incentives to motivate employees, they are undeniably some of the most important factors in creating a positive workplace environment. Some studies have claimed that pay is not an important employee motivator, but according to an article titled[…]

A Simple Way to Create a Positive Workplace Culture

A positive workplace culture is an invaluable asset to an organization. People disengage at work when they feel disrespected and dismissed as unimportant.  One of the most egregious acts that leads to such feelings are when bosses do not consult with them or inform them in advance of a decision that will directly affect them[…]

Three Unique Skills Expected of Nonprofit Leaders

The Economist Interviews Marc Hardy, PhD, about Leadership: Three Unique Skills Expected of Nonprofit Leaders (Click here for link to The Economist) January 28th, 2016 By Laura Montgomery News media heralded the rise of the nonprofit sector two decades ago, and it’s still the fastest growing sector in the U.S. as well as the largest source of employment in many countries. This[…]

The “Ripple Effect” of Sharing Fire Often Comes Back to Us

 Adem Cindrah October 2 at 12:24am · This brought tears to my eyes. Reminds me so much of ‪#‎SharingFire‬ so lovingly taught by Marc Hardy and Marcia Hatch at YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa. May God bless you both tremendously. A simple kind gesture creates a ripple effect and ultimately makes this world a[…]

Using the Radio in Africa to Spread the Word of Sharing Fire!

 Ruth Gbatoe September 18 Thanks to Dr. Marc Hardy whose fire sharing style of leadership has given me a level of approach in leadership. I’m doing it and it’s working perfectly. I’m glad to have as guest on the UN radio madam Jami Mensah, a social worker for sharing her fire as it relates to[…]

“Sharing Fire” and Understanding that No One is “Self-made”

Okocha Nkem Christiana August 15 · ” There is no such person as a self made man or woman, we had help from others getting where we are today.” Marc Hardy Those we words from professor Marc Hardy who shared his fire with us at GIMPA, by teaching us to be more philanthropic and to[…]

Sharing Fire through education in Ghana!

Abimbola Ololade Oligbinde  September 15 Learn Naija Initiative, inspired by Marc Hardy‘s “Sharing Fire Series”, is still collecting used/new textbooks for children of less privileged parents in some public primary schools in Lagos State. These children yearn for knowledge but their parents cannot afford to buy them textbooks. You can sow a seed into their[…]