Using the Radio in Africa to Spread the Word of Sharing Fire!

 Ruth Gbatoe September 18 Thanks to Dr. Marc Hardy whose fire sharing style of leadership has given me a level of approach in leadership. I’m doing it and it’s working perfectly. I’m glad to have as guest on the UN radio madam Jami Mensah, a social worker for sharing her fire as it relates to[…]

“Sharing Fire” and Understanding that No One is “Self-made”

Okocha Nkem Christiana August 15 · ” There is no such person as a self made man or woman, we had help from others getting where we are today.” Marc Hardy Those we words from professor Marc Hardy who shared his fire with us at GIMPA, by teaching us to be more philanthropic and to[…]

Sharing Fire through education in Ghana!

Abimbola Ololade Oligbinde  September 15 Learn Naija Initiative, inspired by Marc Hardy‘s “Sharing Fire Series”, is still collecting used/new textbooks for children of less privileged parents in some public primary schools in Lagos State. These children yearn for knowledge but their parents cannot afford to buy them textbooks. You can sow a seed into their[…]

The “Ripple Effect” of Sharing Fire with Young African Leaders in Ghana!

Abimbola Ololade Oligbinde September 19 · Motivated by Marc Hardy ‘s “Sharing Fire Series”, some young West Africans started the “1Africa” initiative to enhance business partnerships and transborder collaborations that will enhance entrepreneurial development in Africa. We won’t relent. We will keep working. There is so much to do in Africa. ONE AFRICA PROJECTS PICTURE[…]

Chapter 1 – Part 1: Sharing the Fire that has been given to Us

 The True Meaning  of  Philanthropy  and Why  it is  Important to Our  Happiness Today when we hear the word “philanthropy,” we usually visualize large amounts of money given by wealthy people. But the origins of philanthropy are not rooted in the gift of money or the generosity of the wealthy.  Philanthropy derives its name from[…]

“Sharing Fire” Interview with Lisa Cripps-Downey of the Berrien County Community Foundation – Parts 1 and 2

    Parts 1 and 2 of an interview by Dr. Marc Hardy and his co-host Marcia Hatch with Lisa Cripps-Downy, the new president of The Berrien County Community Foundation and the Upton Foundation. The community was established in 1952 by William Vawter and a group of concerned business people, much like the rest of[…]

3 Minute Video on how Notre Dame Shares Fire with Hispanic Leaders!

For the past 5 years the unit I direct at the University of Notre Dame, Nonprofit Executive Programs at the Mendoza College of Business, has been educating Latino and Hispanic leaders. The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation, with the support of the Wells Fargo Foundation, has been underwriting executive education at no cost[…]