“Sharing Fire” and Understanding that No One is “Self-made”

Okocha Nkem Christiana

” There is no such person as a self made man or woman, we had help from others getting where we are today.” Marc Hardy

Those we words from professor Marc Hardy who shared his fire with us at GIMPA, by teaching us to be more philanthropic and to appreciate everyone who has helped to us to be who we are today.

So I am using this as a medium to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been of help to me.

The beautiful woman you see in the middle is my sweet mother (my best friend). If your picture is not there, know that I appreciate you all my friends for words of encouragement,likes,comments etc but there won’t be space for all your picture.

Do you know of anyone who has been of help to you?
have you appreciated them? if not call them today and thank them once again.

Also who are you impacting today ? Don’t live for you alone, be the reason why a poor child can go to school, be the reason why a poor community can access free healthcare, be the reason why a widow can train her children, be the reason why a young entrepreneur can start her business, be the reason why someone who has lost hope, can become hopeful, the list is endless, JUST BE THE REASON WHY SOMEONE WHO HAS LOST HOPE CAN BE HOPEFUL to face tomorrow.

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