“Sharing Fire” Interview with Lisa Cripps-Downey of the Berrien County Community Foundation – Parts 1 and 2



Parts 1 and 2 of an interview by Dr. Marc Hardy and his co-host Marcia Hatch with Lisa Cripps-Downy, the new president of The Berrien County Community Foundation and the Upton Foundation. The community was established in 1952 by William Vawter and a group of concerned business people, much like the rest of the community foundation movement that started in the Midwest. The Foundation is an innovative means by which concerned citizens could put charitable dollars to work for the benefit of Berrien County residents. The Foundation is a union of numerous gifts, bequests, and other contributions that form endowments and other funds. The spendable portion of the Foundation’s endowments is used to make grants to agencies and institutions serving the residents of Berrien County.

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