Has someone profoundly influenced your life? Here is your chance to share your story and thank them!

Sharing Fire

You may be reading these words today because someone in your life cared enough to engage in the act of sharing fire through personal encouragement philanthropy. This is the person or people you can point to today and say, “If it had not been for them, I would not be where I am today.” You know who they are immediately, but have you thanked them? Do they even know the difference you made in your life? These are people whom we admire and look upon as your personal heroes because they believed in you more than you believed in yourself. They are the model for what you hope to become. “Sharing Fire” is about thanking those who encouraged us, recognizing the innate power in each of us to inspire others, and repaying our debt of gratitude by re-gifting the good others have given us.

Why would anyone be interested in sharing their fire with others? Because most of us want to leave our mark on the world. We want to know that our life matters and we want to be remembered well by others when we are gone. Like the morose George Bailey in the classic “It’s a Wonderful Life,” we move through what we often perceive as our monotonous and mundane existence and we question what the meaning and significance in the everyday actions of our life. Sharing Fire with others answers those questions. It helps you discover and ignite your innate power to leave your mark on the world through “personal encouragement philanthropy.” Share your story with us so that together we may inspire others throughout the world to not only thank those who have influenced them, but to encourage others to re-gift the good they have been given and encourage others as well! When we post it, you can email them and send them the link, or you cn call them and tell them to go to the “SharingFire.com” blog to see the tribute you have written to them!

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